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IN2 Consult have tools and a vast network of qualified and skilled individuals to find the top talent, whether active or passive, to match your exact requirements and cultural fit. We take time to nurture our network of top-talent candidates, building long-term relationships and taking the time to fully understand their skillset and assets so we can meet your technical and cultural fit.

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Our Experience

Our knowledge of the finance market combined with our specialist workforce covering all the verticals and roles within the finance industry, means we can provide specialist consulting services and support to find the perfect candidate for your technical roles, whether permanent, interim or fixed-term contracts. The recruitment part is 100% our job and we do all the heavy lifting for you. By using our services, you can reduce the time, short and long terms costs, and in-house resources you’d usually spend by doing it yourselves.

1. Discuss and establish your business needs, requirements and the type of person you are looking for. It's important to establish cultural fit, alongside the role requirements and level of experience and any related qualifications

2. We will reach out to our pool of relevant candidates in our network, assessing who mgiht fit your requirements. We will also advertise on job boards, our website and other platform to expand our reach

3. Once we've narrowed down our list of possible candidates, we will present these to you within in a meeting at which point you cant decide who you would like to invite to an interview which we will schedule on your behalf.

4. After the interviews have been completed we ask for feedback from both yourselves and candidates, gathering and presenting it back to you, so you can decide on possible offers.

5. Once we have a successful candidate, we will inform them of their success and guide the candidate through the next steps, making sure that communication is constant between both parties.

6. We will stay in contact with both parties making sure that everyone is happy with the successful candidate/role for the next 3-6 months

Our Specialisms

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