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World Leading Entertainment Company

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How IN2 Consult helped?

A little about the company

The company is a world leader within their sector and a FTSE listed giant focusing on the entertainment industry.

The challenge

Our client had set up a new Shared Service Centre model from which over 120 accounting and finance professionals operated out of. Their challenge was needing to mass hire large volumes of professionals within a short space of time whilst retaining their company culture and values when recruiting. They needed to ensure that they brought in candidates that would add long-term value to the organisation rather than be a short-term fix.

Looking to hire?

The Results

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Candidates placed

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Working days

The support they needed

The client needed IN2 Consult’s support to hire for 4 positions within a number of weeks which were crucial to the day-to-day operations of the business. Without these positions filled, business function and success would risk being impacted.

More about our services

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How we worked with the company

Our consultants held an in depth meeting with all hiring managers to understand the requirements for the positions, the culture of the organisation and what they are looking for from candidates, focusing on quality rather than just purely quantity-based recruitment. 

How we went above and beyond

Our consultants took the time to ensure we put together a timeline with the hiring managers to understand when we needed to submit candidates by, when interviews were due to happen and when they would ideally be looking to complete the process by.

We dedicated a team of 3 consultants to make sure that we met the deadlines set out and ensured that the CVs being sent were a great fit culturally, technically, and professionally.

What was achieved?

From the moment we took the initial call to learn about the requirements, to the job spec meeting, candidate interviews and the offers being sent out and accepted, it took our team eleven working days to fill three of the four requirements with the fourth and final one being filled the following week.

Business Impact

The four candidates placed by IN2 within this month all ended up starting the following month making an instant impact on the team and relieving stress across the wider finance function.This gave the heads of departments the opportunity to focus on other core projects such as ERP and process improvement pieces of work that were also crucial to the healthy running of the SSC.