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Not another Brexit article right?

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over 3 years ago

by IN2 Consult

Not another Brexit article right?

I know, another Brexit article right?

You've probably had enough of them however based on my 8 years’ experience in the recruitment sector; working with a variety of clients across different industries, we wanted to share our position as the B word looms closer.

Initial market impact?

Given my experience during the recession I believe that clients will be looking more towards temporary hires. Why you ask? Its simple, companies would rather use the budgets they have in place to hire highly skilled staff that can finish projects quickly and effectively rather than invest in what could be a costly permanent member of staff who requires, training coaching, investment and time to be able to deliver.

While many companies will still hire permanent members of staff during a period of trepidation during Brexit, I feel there will be a slight shift and increase temporary hires for a period of time while the market settles down. 

Rates and salaries?

Any changes to rates and salaries will remain consistent and will stay much the same as they have been over the last 12 months. Thier hasn’t been the same rise in income as there has been in previous years for skilled positions and this is unlikely to change. 

Potentially more niche roles may be affected depending on what industries are most affected during this period.

Finance Professionals?

Finance is an area which for all you lucky guys and gals should’t be affected massively. Ultimately the finance department is the engine that every business requires in order to function. Yes some business have and might still move their finance functions abroad however we are still seeing businesses invest in the UK and with that finance opportunities will continue to grow even with the market changes.

On another point an area unrelated to Brexit is that we are seeing more and more clients wish to see candidates that are either actively study or have a relevant accounting profession. 

There are less QBE positions available on the market and taking the time to retain this qualification really does help you get the career you want. Remember it’s never too late to start and there are many accounting professionals with 10+ years of experience that have decided to take the plunge and start actively studying.

Points to take away

The media will always focus on the issues with Brexit and the doom and gloom of what is a drawn out process. However from my experience when there are large market shifts and changes to the overall economy there is always opportunity and ultimately without employee growth it is hard for any business to grow.

All comments are welcome so please feel free to get in touch with one of our team and if you are interested in finding out what we might have to offer!

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