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How to recruit during the Covid-19 outbreak

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about 3 years ago

by Conor Bayliss

How to recruit during the Covid-19 outbreak


As we are all well aware, the Government's advice in response to the COVID-19 outbreak is for office workers to work from home for at least 4 weeks and many of our clients have followed suit with working from home (including us - we want to ensure that we act with Corporate Social Responsibility to help and do our part at mitigating the risk of spreading this Virus further). 

Whilst it is not unreasonable for the Government to issue such advise, it can be frustrating for Hiring Managers who have business critical positions that they need filling. As Finance is a vital part of any company we have come up with a solution to keep the recruitment for these teams moving. 

We have invested in Amazon Chime which is a video conferencing tool that allows us, our clients and our candidates to hold video and audio calls, as well as conferences and interviews. We believe that this offers the best solution in order for finance teams to continue the recruitment as planned.

As things stand we have over 2,000 candidates that we have already met face to face, however, due to the risk of contracting the virus any new candidates to us will be fully vetted by us in the usual way which is to take 2 professional references from previous line managers, right to work checked and met - however when we meet new candidates now this will be done via Amazon Chime or FaceTime/WhatsApp Video Call until it is advised that it is save for us to return to normal. 

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