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A little kindness goes a long way

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about 3 years ago

by Jamie Seaman

A little kindness goes a long way

As Mental Health Awareness week draws to a close, many people’s mental health struggles remain. 

IN2 Consult supports two extraordinary charities focused on promoting the mental health and well being of everyone and though there was no better time than the present to shine a light on these great causes.

You Okay, Doc? 

Our Managing Director Luke recently shared a post highlighting the efforts of You Ok Doc? Dr Mark Seaman often shares stories of the struggles front line workers face over the dinner table and now even more so with the unexpected impact of Covid19 sweeping the Nation. 

We often find ourselves asking our Doctors for advice or approaching them for reassurance, however how often do we ever think our Doctor’s may be the ones who need reassurance and support? 

You Okay, Doc? Are on a mission to change the perceptions of mental health for those working in the medical sector and to develop bespoke mental health support for Doctors and healthcare workers. 

In Honour of Mental Health Awareness week they released their Kindness themed podcast. Kindness is extremely subjective and can take many shapes and forms.

Tune in over the weekend (via Spotify), support and show a little kindness. 

Mind if I Share

You heard it here first! 

Mind if I share is a charitable cause founded with the aim of creating a community of sharers who talk open and honestly about their experience of living with mental illness. 

Founded by Davina Thakur who is a breath of fresh air and extremely open and honest about her own mental health journey - they do say lead by example!

If we were honest with ourselves we probably all know someone close to us who has struggled not only with mental health but also with how to talk about their struggles, journey and experiences. What better place for them to find the courage to share their journey or learn from someone else's.

Although small this cause is going to be mighty - follow their instagram @mind_ifishare to keep up to date with their progress and ideas on how you can join in! 


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