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Remote Interview Process Top Tips!

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almost 3 years ago

by Jamie Seaman

Remote Interview Process Top Tips!

As many of us find ourselves adjusting to this new normal interview processes continue to push on, albeit industry/organisation depending. 

While many of us are familiar with the first stage interview being remote, there will be few of us out there who have ever experienced a fully remote interview process. However just because the full process is remote does not mean it should be taken any less serious! 

Below are our top tips to best prepare you!

Day before interview

  1. Set up an area against a plain and neutral background where it will be quiet and you won’t be disturbed 

  2. Test the audio and camera settings on your computer

  3. Check the camera angle is straight ahead and at eye level height 

  4. Check the lighting in the room is bright

  5. Research the organisation in more detail and prepare your questions ahead of time, as you will not be meeting the team in person. It is important you cover all questions that would allow you to make a prompt decision should you be successful in the interview and offered the role. 

  6. Research the organisation in more detail. 

Day of interview

  1. Dress professionally as if you were attending the interview face to face

  2. Ensure mobile phone and all other devices are switched off for the duration of your interview

  3. Have a printed copy of your CV and the job description to hand so you do not have to close the video window if needed for reference 

  4. Ensure any pets and family members are able to be out of the room for the duration of our interview to avoid any interruptions or background noises. 

  5. Have a pen and paper to hand should you want to take any notes 

  6. Look into the camera and not the screen


The most important thing to remember is just because your full interview process is remote, does not mean it should be taken any less seriously than a normal face to face process. 

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