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My first month in Recruitment

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almost 3 years ago

by Adam Ross

My first month in Recruitment

“From helping people develop a healthy lifestyle, to helping qualified finance professionals make their next career move"

10 years ago I set out to start my career in the health and fitness industry. At 18, it was a scary thought trying to change the mindsets of people twice my age to change life long habits but it was something I was passionate about. I knew I could make a difference if people were willing to listen to me despite my amateur level in my career at that point.

Fast forward 10 years and I suppose my fitness career had somewhat peaked. I had helped David Lloyd open their 100th anniversary club and at that point it felt like I had hit a brick wall . I had moved over to new member sales and had an amazing 3 years helping people make choices to start their healthy lifestyle - albeit a less ‘hand on approach. I had moved from a flagship club in Glasgow to the illusive Emersons Green Club in Bristol… but now what?

I had desperately wanted a career where I could ‘break free’ and have limitless career progression. Somewhere my hard work would be constantly rewarded and where I would be challenged on a daily basis. I thrived in a fast paced environment. That's when I found recruitment.

In March I set out on my journey. After being at David Lloyd - the number one health and fitness club across the UK and Europe, I wanted to work for a reputable company that would see my passion for sales and my willingness to try something new. I had always lived by, “If somethings worth doing, it’s worth doing right” but I understood I might not fit into a lot of companies as I was a bit older and maybe a risk - starting a new career at nearly 30.

After several offers, I started with In2 Consult. 

Immediately, there was something about Luke and the team that motivated me. They were all out to make a name for themselves and become the best recruiters in their space. I had never felt that sort of motivation being around people - I had always wanted to be a part of a company where you became an extension of the name. You were your own brand, not just another number on payroll! Along with that I loved that In2 is a recruitment consultancy, they were not ‘yes men’, it’s about doing the right thing for all parties involved, not the easy thing.

I am now one month into my new career and let me tell you, learning something new at this age is tough! But, it has been amazing speaking to a lot of different people. I feel like this is what I was born to do. It has a lot of similarities to my previous roles; It all starts with a conversation. I identify their core drivers, values, personal aspirations, and where they want to progress to - whether it be a different industry or role. I believe giving it a more personal touch coming from my background in health and fitness has led me to be successful in speaking to clients and candidates.

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