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Recruitment: to Automate or Not to Automate

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over 1 year ago

by Eleonore Jones

Recruitment: to Automate or Not to Automate

Post lockdown, there is a move to implement improved technology and automation across all facets of business processes and industries and recruitment is no exception. AI (artificial intelligence) and ATS (applicant tracking systems) are being implemented within the recruitment process to cut time-consuming processes and decrease workload on menial tasks, leaving more time for recruiters to focus on their prospective candidates and clients.

With automation comes benefits for the recruitment process.

Advantages of automation in recruitment:
  • Pre-screening - psychometric tests and algorithms to evaluate candidates based on their responses.

  • Candidate communication – setting up templated invites, reference requests, and follow-up emails can streamline the process and guarantee consistent communications.

  • Refined search and selection via CV screening and talent pooling functionality.

  • Internal recruitment workflows to reduce time-consuming processes such as posting jobs and smaller administrative tasks. 

However, with any technological development, there are risks to automation.

Issues with said automations to consider:
  • Automated pre-screening stages cut out human experience and don’t allow for mistakes

  • ATS and AI won’t pick up the interpersonal skill and nuances of a specific candidate as it won’t register variables in applications and CVs

  • Using ATS for CVs doesn’t always generate a genuine representation of skills, experience and attributes as candidates can tailor their application using keywords and the system will pick out CVs that match formulaic preferences

  • Systems can lead to bias, lack of diversity and can favour specific elements e.g., age, gender, and location

There are pros and cons to automation within recruitment, however, ultimately, there are elements that need to remain personal. Recruiters need to be personable, persuasive and understanding of the discrepancies within candidates to secure the best possible talent for their clients. 

Assessing needs, requirements and goals to match their clients and align expectations is an integral part of the recruitment process that cannot be automated.

Adding personal steps to all the key stages of communication between recruiter and candidate and recruiter and client will create more engagement and will position you more highly against your competitors. Adding automation to menial and administrative tasks will streamline the hiring process without losing the individual touch needed throughout the experience. Candidates and clients will always appreciate personal feedback/communication at all stages of the recruitment process. 

At IN2 Consult we believe automation and a personal approach should work harmoniously together in order to produce a more well-rounded service. They will work in unicent together to ensure candidates, clients and recruiters are able to focus on what's most important. Whether that is finding the best candidate or identifying the right job.

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