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The pains of job hunting and why a Recruitment Agency is your best bet

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about 1 year ago

by Eleonore Jones

The pains of job hunting and why a Recruitment Agency is your best bet

​It’s no secret that job hunting is draining and frustrating, however, we must all go through the process at one point in our careers. It’s almost a right of passage. The process will be different depending on the industry and knowing where to start is a task in itself and the process will often be time-consuming, stressful and perhaps even overwhelming.

Many resources are available online to support you through the process such as articles, checklists, templates and interview preparations. Specialist agencies like IN2 Consult, also offer career advice, support with your profile and both CV and interview preparation ensuring you are prepped and your documents tailored for the type of roles and companies best suited to your requirements and career goals.

Within the job search process, there are multiple different routes you can take, all of which are good options however may come with pros and cons. These methods will have varying levels of success rate and effectiveness.

The different routes include finding and applying to a role directly on company websites, job boards, LinkedIn, and Career fairs, however, the best route you can take is a recruitment agency and here is why:

Recruitment Agencies

Going through a Recruitment Agency will help you avoid common issues that arise when looking for a job;

Finding Time

Looking for a role is a time-consuming process and can often be draining, frustrating and stressful. Tailoring your CV and cover letter for each role/company, filling out the job application, and upon the first stage of success, going through the different interview stages takes time.

Recruitment agencies like ourselves can streamline this entire process. Using specialist software and automated systems while also having a recruitment process in place, they can do the hard part for you. We take the time to understand the kind of role you’re looking for, your specific requirements (e.g. location, salary) and help tailor your CV and market yourselves to relevant roles/employers. We guide you through and provide feedback for each step of the hiring process which includes pre and post-interviews.

Competition in the Market

The finance market is heavily candidate-driven and companies are looking for top talent. We can support you in creating the best profile that highlights your relevant skills, expertise and qualifications and the value you’ll add to their team, on a technical level but also in terms of cultural fit. Having your profile in our system will also mean that if a new role appears that matches your profile and requirements, you’ll be top of mind.

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with our network of clients and hiring managers. This means we always know what sort of candidates they are looking for and know exactly how to market your profile if you match, elevating you against the competition.

Lack of Industry Experience

Although industry experience is a good thing to have, it’s not a be-all end-all. We can help you frame your experience, emphasising your transferrable skills relevant to the role you’re interested in.

At IN2 Consult

Our purpose as a company is to provide first-class consulting services and support you in your job search. We want you to succeed so we’ll do everything we can to help you do so. Alongside our recruitment software and automotive tools, we can ensure a smooth and efficient journey to your new role.

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