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Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees for the Year-End

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7 months ago

by Eleonore Jones

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees for the Year-End

2024 is fast approaching and so is the end of the financial year. Organisations need to start thinking about year-end closing activities as the high pressure and hard deadlines are in sight. Organisations need to consider their current process and operations in place and how they can be streamlined to achieve optimal financial success to meet the April deadlines that will come faster than you think…

Businesses will often look to recruiters to fill in temporary positions (whether on a temporary or contract basis) to assist with year-end activities in their existing teams. You don’t want to overstretch your current employees, so hiring temp staff is a great way of easing their workload and allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

You need to take extra care when hiring temporary employees as you’ll want to avoid hiring a person who might strain resources by needing additional training. IN2 Consult can support you by finding the right temporary employee to fill any gaps in your team or resources during the year-end period.  They’ll be able to support specific projects, tasks or workloads that revolve around financial activities such as financial auditing, reconciling, financial records, preparing reports, or ensuring compliance with tax regulations.  

Here are the key benefits of hiring temporary employees during the year-end closing:


Bringing temporary employees on board offers the flexibility to bolster your workforce during busier or seasonal spikes in workload. You can scale up your team during the peak period and scale down once completed. This will allow your business to adapt to changing needs with agility resulting in optimal business success.

Furthermore, this approach alleviates the burden on existing staff, ensuring they are not overwhelmed and can dedicate their attention to top-priority tasks. This, in turn, elevates overall morale, mitigates the risk of burnout, and safeguards sustained productivity levels.

Cost effective support

Employing temporary staff offers the advantage of flexible workforce scaling without the need for long-term commitments or extensive costs. When you engage a recruitment agency, you can additionally save costs on advertising and select from their pool of well-suited candidates available for temporary or contractual positions. Our services encompass the entire hiring process, so you won’t need to worry about the various stages involved such as the CV references, administrative tasks or extra strain on your HR team or hiring team.

Expertise and specialised skills

Bringing temporary staff on board brings a wealth of diverse experiences, skills, and expertise perfectly tailored to handle complex year-end tasks. Your team can benefit from valuable insights and knowledge spanning areas like reconciliations, financial analysis, and financial reporting.

Temporary employees offer support in addressing challenges and exploring alternative solutions by bringing fresh perspectives and innovative thinking to the table. When you hire someone with year-end closing experience, you streamline your processes and enhance the quality of your reporting. 

Quick onboarding

Temporary employees typically come with prior experience in temporary roles, enabling them to swiftly acclimate to their new work environment. They possess the ability to seamlessly adjust to the job's requirements, meaning they’ll require minimal training, thus enhancing their value in meeting year-end deadlines.

Reduce legal and compliance risk

By using a recruitment agency, you can mitigate potential legal compliance risks associated with employment laws and regulations. Temporary or fixed term contracts will be different and more straightforward than permanent contracts. There will be a smaller scope of laws and obligations to be considered and reduced benefits obligations.

Trial period and potential hires

When you bring someone on board for a temporary role, it provides an opportunity to consider extending their contract to a permanent position. You can treat it like a trial period during which you can evaluate skills and assess performance, cultural fit, work ethic and general compatibility. This approach allows you to gauge the potential for a sustained, long-term position.


The bottom line, temporary employees will have an immediate impact. They can play a valuable role in the year-end closing process, enhancing efficiency and flexibility. They can provide support, expertise and fill resource gaps resulting in streamlined and optimal financial success.

 Our team of specialist recruiters have vast experience placing candidates in temporary roles (whether on a temporary or contract basis) with both new and existing clients. Amongst the clients we’ve already worked with, we’ve established their year-end process, helping us find the perfect person to meet their requirements from our pool of relevant talent. We can do the same for you.

If you’d like support with your temporary hiring needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss the requirements of the role and the specific qualities in candidates you’re looking for.

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