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My First Three Months at IN2 Consult

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5 months ago

by Cameron Johnstone

My First Three Months at IN2 Consult

This week marks the end of my first three months here at IN2 Consult and to celebrate this I wanted to highlight three key aspects of having a strong workplace culture. These points, drawn from his first three months with us, have had a positive impact on my work. 

Workplace environments can often be overlooked when associated with enjoyment and success within a role. It’s incredibly important when it comes to motivating us to succeed and excel in our roles. Having a hard-working and driven team can only really happen if there is a work-hard/play-hard narrative in place where there is room to have fun and be social. Your environment will often make or break your experience within a team or company. I truly think that if you are surrounded by a positive dynamic then this will relay both into the work you do and your success in the role.

In my three months at IN2 Consult, I've been soaking up its amazing environment - think collaboration, pro-growth, and work-life balance.


What is IN2 Consult's secret sauce I hear you ask? Teamwork. Everyone's got a say, and we're all in for shared wins, working collaboratively as a team. 

Although we of course have our individual targets and goals, ultimately, we’re all striving for the same thing - overall business success and we’re all striving to be team players. Despite having different markets/locations to cover there are always ways to support each other. Our challenges, socials and regular incentives are a great team motivator and make us feel like one big achievement squad! 

Championing Growth

IN2 Consult are all about making us better. The training delivered by Tori (our L&D Manager) has really improved my skill set and I am already seeing the results. In addition to this, the on-desk support from senior management has been amazing (including from the MD Luke) alongside the many opportunities for progression we are given. There is a focus and prioritisation on constant learning which amps up not just me, but the whole team.

Work-Life Chill

IN2 Consult cares about us beyond 9-to-5. I know that if needed, there will always be support during and outside work hours. I really enjoy the hybrid work structure we have going, where most of the week we are in the office; being social and working hard while having direct and easy access to support from our team, team leads and directors. This means work feels less like a grind, and more like a place where you can be your best self.

In a Nutshell

In2 Consult's success? It's all about the vibe. Teamwork, growth, and personal wellness mix up to create a culture that's not just about work but about succeeding together. I am excited about what's coming next on my IN2 Consult journey!

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